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Frequently Asked Questions

Ameer Packers & Movers FAQs - Check out some of most frequently asked questions related to moving industry, packers and movers.

Why need Ameer Packers & Movers?
Ameer Packers & Movers work with a sole goal to bring smiles on our customer faces. We strive hard to make our customers happy and put all efforts to ensure top notch packers & movers services in Bangalore. We know that words don't count but actions speak for themselves so through our long list of satisfied clients that bestow us confidence to declare us as an efficient & experienced Packers & Movers in Bangalore. Here we are listing down a few reasons that would conveniently convince you to choose us over others.
I Have A Technical Problem Or Support Issue I Need Resolved, Who Do I Email?
We give all your concerns our top most priority. We are always on our toes to resolve any issues that you confront while dealing with us. In case if you face any technical or support issue, you can directly reach out to our concerned team ( Mention Email). Our team will revert you asap.
Do you charge for getting quotes at Ameer Packers & Movers?
No, we don't charge a single penny for getting quotes. It is totally free.
How can we trust that Ameer Packers and Movers is Professional?
We have been in the business for several years and we have accumulated an experienced team who has years of experience in the business of moving & packing. Moreover, we provide 24/7 customer service with proper documentation.Also our Expert packing moving team provides hassle free services to our customers.
Can I Move My House Plants?
Yes, we are happy to move your plants however, there might be chances that they suffer due to lack of water & air during transportation.
How much time do you take to pack the things in a single room?
Normally, It takes two - three hours to pack the things in a single room.
Do you provide any tracking updates for our baggage?
Yes, definitely we will provide you with a timely update about your luggage. You can track your consignment using this link https://www.ameerpackers.com/ameer-packers-track-consignment or You can reach out to our customer care team in case you have any questions. However, our team will be in your touch and give you constant updates about your luggage.
Are there any basic rates for the packing and Moving of Goods?
No, there are no fixed rates for packing & moving goods. The rate entirely depends upon the type of office goods and mode of packing.
Is Insurance Required?
Yes, it is required. We will suggest you to have insurance ready before moving & packing your goods as while transporting your goods, it can get damaged due to some unforeseen events. So we will suggest you to have insurance ready.
What is the mode of Payment with your Company?
Mode of Payment is simple with you.You can pay us as per your convenience. We Accept cash, card & cheque payments or you can pay us using this link https://www.ameerpackers.com/ameer-packers-payment
How much time would a pre-move survey take at my home?
It depends upon the nature and number of the items to be carried, however, on an average it takes around 2-4 hours.
How do I know what I can and cannot take with me?
You need not to worry about it. Our team will help you with this matter.
What are my responsibilities during the moving process?
We make sure to give you a hassle free experience while moving your goods. However, you need to provide various documents that would be required for certain items. We will suggest you discuss it with our field officer.
What type of containers will be used for transportation?
We will use water proof containers and they will be properly sealed. So you need not to worry about any leakage.
What is it that cannot be loaded on the vehicle?
Items such as inflammables, pets, liquids etc will not be allowed to be loaded on the transportation vehicle.
I want to transport my car? Can I obtain quotes here?
Of course! Our team will definitely help you move your car from one place to another. We will transport your car in especially designed car carriers and trailers for safety.

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